Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Made by self

That which you consume made you
That which consumes you is made by you

The laws of reality are not laws of reality
It's an expression to explain seeing some principle or perspective in something and finding how that principle applies to everything or is a recognizable possible truth in reality in all things

Hot for self is not meaning everything is hot at that level of heat. Your level of heat is a definition of self. 

This kind of perspective is the thought behind perspective and the theory of relativity. I have not read Einstein books at all not studied physics. 

Now this might sound philosophical, but an understanding realism can be made from this perspective if it becomes obvious. It's an interesting perspective and shows a sense of beauty to the world when it becomes realized. This perspective applied to everything draws up some really interesting theory. 

Lets begin with this chronology of events 

The singularity made the universe 
The universe made some galaxies
The galaxies made some solar systems
Solar systems made some planets
Some planets made some moons
Vice versa

The sun can make planets and moons.
Both are from inward sun made outward. 
After all the moon is there around the planets. Lets take an idea like that above and apply this to the reality we share and see. Without stating too many of the obvious truths about this reality lets take a new perspective of those obvious statements and realize everything we learned about them. 

Some key factors I want to point out are instantaneous. Round (not to be confused with a circle) objects in space. I do realize there are objects in space. What's an interesting yet simple view of this truth is the shape of round. Lets look at round. It's the most common shape of everything in space. It's the shape of the electrons and quantum particles. There are bonds made between the shape but I'm certain those quantum particles discovered or otherwise are all round. There is something beautiful about round and will be discussed in details to to together other perspectives which can introduce some really interesting obvious but not so thought about deeply because its too accepted and obvious. 

If I take a universe and confined it to an atom then that atoms would possibly be said to weigh as much as a universe. 

Now if an atom made a universe when exploded into a Big Bang then the weight of the universe is become lighter and diversified into lesser weighing objects. Granted these lesser weighted objects are pretty heavy in relation to ourself, but ourself is not the point of which to view the universe but a point at which to use to view the depths or vastness of the universe we live in.

Looking at the theory of relativity would shed light on the weight of the universe or give some mathematical functional way to use in our daily life much like E=mc2 is a useful calculation. The theory of relativity has a similar calculation, simple, beautiful and most useful. 

To keep on this matter about round. Instantaneous and round. Lets observe together these two things which can happen. And apply it to reality. The idea is not to eliminate billions and trillions of years but to take a perspective with a little less years like 1 millisecond or 1 day. 

Put some profound actions as the Big Bang. What a powerful and instantaneous event. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Chasing Nothing

The quest to find the smallest particles of the smallest particles found is great for learning and will propel our understanding into another era of reality.  Finding the next smallest particle which makes up the smallest particles will again lead to the same finding, another smaller particle.  Upon finding those particles will come a point where the particles smallest forms will be unattainable because it is nothing.  The nothing not even a point of something but will be the realization of finding something even bigger.  This bigger picture will be back into the vastness of the universe(s) which exist.  Next will be traveling into those universes by because it is entered into by a different means than our physical size it will be with our known spiritual self.  This spiritual self is not spiritual but is physical as well as all things spiritual and physical are one reality and one in the same.  Some people have become aware of this level of existence resulting in inexplicable experiences and awareness.

For explanation purposes lets continue to use the word "spiritual" in order to keep some clarity between all the different understandings born from different perspectives and individual experiences.

Spiritual by definition states: Of, relating to, or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

This definition is an explanation of physical as if it's not physical.  All things are physical.  Spiritual people have become aware of the reality beyond the normal or typical physical awareness we experience in our daily life.  The explanations of physical and spiritual in a separated fashion is the same as explaining physical as solid and air.  Both elements are physical in nature, but the level of understanding and awareness in a deeper and profound way gives a different meaning to 

With each new nothing and each new creation of the universe a new change or fractal is made.  With these changes the awareness of differences create a sense of memory.  Awareness of memory will creates a sensation of time.  With a sense of time and difference in the world of mind or memory will create a sense of distance.  With a change stuck in a memory associated with time and distance will create the sensation of motion and speed. The sensation of timelessness and absence of presence will feel a sensation of the vastness of the universe as more seamless.  The realm of all dimensions are born from the one dimension of nothing.  It is everything and nothing at the same time.  Science without the awareness of spirituality is useless as spirituality without a universe or scientific reality.  A place of existence is needed and that place is everything and nothing.

These are the words of my awareness and perspective.  The chase of quantum physics is leading to the nothing. The nothing leads to everything, bu not in the same perspective as a person mindful of quantum without infinity.  They must be joined to see the separation.  They must be separated to see the connection.  One is none without the other. One is everything without the none.  It's almost as to say 1 + 1 is 1.  The truth of that is to be discovered.  Realizing that truth will unlock so much truth of the universe(s) we live through and in.  It's so wonderful, you will find the way to a worm hole if you call it that.

Time travel is useless.  Creation is a one way path with no future or past. It just is and is and is.  But don't believe me!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Electricity in Ground

The idea is to create a static or find a static energy source in the earth 


Static plates large size. What can interact and create a discharge. Using dielectric or non conductive with conductive material in a chamber in the earth to create a earth size battery. 

Instant Change

Please review my writing as a work in progress.  A book will soon be written from all this scattered writing...Thank you for your patience and please keep eager in your chest to see what is to be revealed!

"The power of a single change is so radical in the instance of it occurrence time itself becomes muted. Now imagine the instance of a change in a universe of endless change acting with and upon each change collectively. Keep the imagination going, and going..."

There is an infinite number of universes. Hence infinity. There is only one universe.  Well how else am I going to get through to everyone?

There is creation!  There is singularity!  Well how else am I going to get through to anyone?  

These universes are infinitely creating  and have always been creating. 

Observe that statement without seeking a beginning or end to it. Keep watching it happening. Take your reality you see and realize it in the universe and see it in the endless changes. Now see it in an endless number of universes even if the universe is just this one universe. 

Now take this one universe and make an infinite number of duplicate copies of itself. 

Now take the power of the universe and its speed of change which is not obeying the definitions or confinement your dimensional universe and realize your awareness of it is called time.  See it on a dimensionless dimension. Then see it with all the dimensions you want.  No matter which perspective you see it in, it will always be connected to the inseparable timeless and time based realities.  Everything is infinite in its lifespan.  If you can't see that, join all the dimensions you know of and see the one dimension all dimensions are in. Put back together the dimensions you took apart mentally to create a single dimension which all dimensions are made inside of and outside of.  Now take apart each dimension of the single dimension you see as one dimension. You must have both and that is why it's here and not here at the same time and flashing in and out of infinite so fast that its a millisecond in action and feels as a billions years or even a single lifetime. These flashing in and out of infinite universes is the speed of creation so fast in and out that you have no notion of its actions and this time is created.

Everything will infinitely be connected to the infinite or nothing even as you see a finite in the infinite.  The way to see infinite or nothing is to see nothing.  Nothing is infinite.  The power of seeing more things in the infinite is to see nothing which shows you more of finite.  It will be beneficial over trivial squandering about seeking the finite answer to infinite.  In the nothing is everything and likewise, everything is nothing.  Well how else am I going to get through to everyone?

It's like infinite and time exist. Is it hard to believe?  Well there is an endless universe and there is a finite universe.

There is time and there is no time. How else am I going to get through to "all" of you?

Its like flashing in and out of an infinite number of universes that are in constant creation and the awareness of time is the result of grasping and holding on to a moment as the images of each universe you enter and exit create a seamless picture of a reality and the feeling of time itself. Creating an illusion of a lifespan or the sense of time. 

You  spend a millisecond of time in realty to experience a lifetime of 100 years. Now realize that the 100 years you experience is a millisecond. How else am I going to say this to everyone?

It's like flashing in and out of realities so fast on a an infinite number of universes it feels like one universe. It's like standing on earth and looking at the universe spinning around the earth and the earth is the center of the universe by visual appearances. 

What beauty is there in living and dying in one second if it doesn't give you the sensation of a long time to enjoy or grasp the creation it is making in a reality beyond your realty?

The notion of millions and billions of years  and seeing changes which are gradual can mislead the mind to formulate an oversight of the power of the universe and its ability to produce an instant change. These instant changes is what made the universe. They are sudden and powerful changes. The sudden change is not a millions and billions of years changes. Formations and gradual are elements of changes and awareness in the scope of time, but what is time to infinite.

Lets take the theory of the Big Bang and go along with it. The mind can formulate a sense of time and put the instance of the Big Bang in a time based moment giving power to the time in billions of years or light years. What if you were to look at the Big Bang only. Remove it from the fabric of time. The emphasis is now only in the Big Bang and what occurred at that moment. 

Using another example lets take a Bermuda Triangle event. Or a solar flare x1 event. These moments are instant but even those moments are small in comparison to a massive instant change.

The point is not to focus on time or the event but the power of the event and the change which appears as a past event following the event. The focus is on the power of the instant change which occurs. To realize a universe level powerful change will help to put that into perspective. Big Bang is a universal catastrophic event which needed a millisecond to happen creating a time fabric that will give life to the awareness of trillions of changes to occur in trillions of years. Focus the moment of the event into a moment of now and this will help to shed light in the power of the energy, and infinite creating a moment and the results of the moment wholly. It would be like saying he Big Bang happened yesterday and the events which followed feels like billions of years. 

Realize the power if life and the universe and realize it in itself has no power this making it infinite and timely all in one instance of infinite and infinite and infinite. There you have time and no time!  How else am I going to get through to all of you?

In summary: There is a Big Bang.  Then it collapsed into nothing.  Then a Big Bang occurred.  Then it collapsed into nothing.  With every Big Bang and Collapse into Nothing a new creation is born.  The speed and actions of this action is so untimely that you are only aware of the physical and timeliness of this change which occurs and completely unaware that a collapse and rebirth of every second is an endless recreation of reality.  The changes of the big bang entering in and out of singularity is so fast the residuals of the changes can only be calculated to a few points of singularity and that action and calculation we interact with is called Gravity.  There is no gravity. Only motion and change which infinitely connects us to the finite and is a link between the two.  Hence the conclusion of Einsteins calculations which end in INFINITY!

There is a Big Bang.  Then it collapsed into nothing.  Then a Big Bang occurred.  Then it collapsed into nothing.  I don't have time to keep explaining that as my body is finite in the infinite reality.  That explains my point. There are things happening and its so instant you don't know it's happening. It's a harmonious constant action between singularity and creation that it appears to be a single creation.  You are and must be unaware of the instant changes and it's speed of actions.  You must be unaware of the infinite in order to exist in this reality.  In that in and out of reality creation is so fast that you have become unaware of it and so have created the sensation of constance.  In the constance of it all you are living out your life in a singularity of change unaware of the singularity of singularity itself.  This realm of reality is time and the notion of a beginning and ending in creation.  It is why man seeks that.  Only under the realization of the infinite can you be aware of the finite as an equal to infinite.  They are here as one and one cannot be without the other.  Take no side to see all sides that no sides exist, but they are there for us to exist.  It's a beautiful awareness where no words can explain.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

There is no Gravity

Picture a white reality. Only white. I would say dark or black but the knowledge of what ego can do with that leads me to say white. All around you and even touching you is the white.

Your body isn't even in the white and the vision of seeing the white pallet is the essence of and is infinity itself. It is in creation as nothing. Find no value in the white. Just it's everything.

That is the infinite air and space for beginning the creation of life. Now introduce a single speck of black light as small as a grain of sand.

It has no specificity to it being. It is not high, low, left, right or center. Infinite has no border to define the specific of where or what the black light just is.

This elementary view of what reality is in the mathematical equation of infinity.  The symbol is an effort to put into realty a inner and outer awareness or connection to self or beginning and end.

The mind trying to understand this will never be able to as that is functioning in the world of finite and at the same time trying to create a definition of infinite. The
Infinite means not finite. The finite itself is infinite. The white and black are existing as is and nothing more. Expand the sand as if a Big Bang occurred and created a universe.  It is still only the size of a grain of sand.  How is that?  That is the meaning of infinite and existence as one. 

The infinite and finite is both infinite and both one. The existence is and not at the same time. It's big and small in one.  It is neither and it is both. 

Now expand this universe into that pallet of white light. Then create man to see it as black of universe. Now realize that universe is and is not. Realize its infinite and its not. It's big and as small as a grain of sand at the same time.  The mind trying to see that is impossible but the realization it is as said is also possible.

Now create as it is creating. Be and do not be!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Head in the Clouds

How do clouds form? We have heard and seen the explanation in it's simplest form that clouds form by heat rising or heat in water and water is lighter than air. It is not resting on a pocket of hot air only. It may be but there are other factors which are can be included to the equation. The center of our earth has some particles of dark star matter or black matter if you want to call it that and it emits energy. As this energy resonates or escapes the dark star center it really ejecting a dark matter particles. These dark star particles have a range or distance based on the matter it interacts with. To explain, take for a moment a ball. The ball is a ball of moving dark energy. It can be categorized as nucleus matter which can be called quantum for existing terms. This quantum particles eject particles from its ball of moving energy and this exchange creates a hemisphere, layers of atmosphere, moving particles and trapped (non moving) particles. The way this works is the quantum matter which is moving is bombarded with reentry or entry of quantum matter which is in its atmosphere. This atmosphere ejects matter which interacts at a resonant layer the moving quantum particle. This moving quantum particle is impeded by matter or atomic particles. These atomic particles either dislodge their own existing electrons and form a layer. The free electons become lightning, or the layer itself. The quantum particle freed from the free floating quantum particle slammed by another free floating quantum particle and becomes part of an existing quantum particle or vaporizes to the lowest quantum particle that exists or nucleus particle and depending on trajectory or energy forces surrounding it will return to the source of the black star matter to be slammed again or become a particle or atom which can be further constructed into matter such as molecules. The molecules can become strong, weak or even pliable depending on the matter which it interacts with. Lets keep our focus in the clouds. The clouds are resting on a layer of resonant or free floating particles that are ejected from the earth black star matter or core. This free floating particles form the layers of our hemisphere and is not a magnetic pull at all. It is black star or quantum particles free floating which are so intense in motion it can literally flow through things. The speed and distance based on physical impedance and other factors determines the height of the atmosphere. Any way, this atmosphere then has free floating electrons and this is what lightning is. Now the clouds are slightly controlled by the energy and it's only controlled by slower moving quantum matter which has accumulated. There are factors involved with the formation of clouds but that brings us to what is heat and cold. Heat: this is quantum energy flowing INWARD to the core of a black start returning and becomes interactive with the matter it was trying to penetrate. Cold: Is the outward flow of matter which is being ejected outbound of a quantum energy ball of matter. In other words, HEAT and COLD are determined by the amount of physical quantum energy and has an interaction with a physical atomic matter. If the outward energy is greater, then the object gets colder. If the inward direction of quantum matter is acting more on the atoms of the material it interacts with, then it begins to get colder. This is quantum direction energy and can become balance to a stable temperature but that is based on the direction and amount of physical quantum energy or matter which is affected by surrounding quantum sources of energy like the sun. The closer we get to the sun, the greater quantum energy thrusted at earth creates a greater inward flow to the earths quantum energy and creates eat waves you see on the ground or layers in the sky. This quantum energy of hot is not present unless there is another source of quantum energy or physical matter to interact with the traveling quantum matter. It's like saying if you have a human body and the body interacts with the inward flow of quantum matter and your body starts giving off or interacting on the quantum matter then the quantum matter you give off due to the interaction of free flowing quantum matter that was coming at you become over powering to the outward flow of quantum matter, then you will get hotter. This is on a quantum energy level. Even if the sun is giving off quantum matter it is supposedly getting colder. It is offing the energy. If the sun gets near another source of quantum matter just as we can get near the sun, then the quantum matter given the sun can heat it up hotter or fuel its quantum core exchange and keep it alive longer. The quantum level is not too far off the normal atomic level as thought. Please let me try to explain this in a better way once I find the wording. There is inward and outward quantum energy flow and that is what determines temperature. Temperature is not just hot and cold. It is physical motion of quantum matter and is affected on a liquid state only - electrical states or flowing quantum matter is considered liquid because anything in motion is in a liquid environment or moving. Liquid means moving or in motion state. There IS NO SUCH THING AS GRAVITY. Moving or not is the only state and everything is moving. Solid state is quantum matter aligned in a physical state where the core is not changing. The actual physical state is quantum matter which has become atomic matter which has become mass. The core or quantum energy and electrons that form matter is an established physical matter which is visible to us. This level of matter is visible. Once it reaches the quantum level, it's not visible and passes through us as if we're not here, or interacts and exchanges with us in such a way, it's not felt. This means, your body is regenerative or growing and has life or life cycle based on the exchanges of quantum matter. As the quantum matter of your body enters the solid matter state more deeply it becomes less growing and feels aging. These changes can be detected by the physical body on quantum levels. It's why eating and other activities which encourage growth is possible, but nonetheless, liquid mass will eventually succumb to physical mass after so many changes on the quantum level have been reached or conditions of mass entering the body expedites the interacting of matter in your physical existence on the quantum level. Put things in your body which are physical mass and it will become more interactive on the physical level and overwhelm the liquid level and form your body. This electrical, chemical and physical body will be interacting with the quantum level and eventually age. Sorry, was talking too many subjects in one topic. My head is in the clouds.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Water is a key element of breathing

Absorbing oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide exchange is an important role in the body. Oxygen in a liquid form is breathable when we discover how to create another element which absorbs the carbon dioxide i'm working on it.